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Suzanne about 170 months ago.
Jemiel and Erin, what a beautiful site! I am so sorry that I will not be able to attend your wedding, but I wish you both all God's blessings as you become one. You are such a beautiful couple and I look forward to meeting Erin when I will be able to come to Atlanta. Love always, Suzanne
posted September 08.
Adrienne about 171 months ago.
Jemiel and Erin, this is an AMAZING site!! Congratulations and wishes for many blessings to you. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to share in your special day!!
posted August 28.
ms. delilah about 171 months ago.
so im setting up my class and trying to figure out schedules and then it hit ms. erin ot group ;(
posted August 27.
Tina Jean-Pierre about 171 months ago.
Congrats Spec and love love the site! I am so happy for you and your lucky husband-to-be on your new adventure in life :) Enjoy your wedding day (which I am sure you will be a gorgeous bride) and most important enjoy your marriage. Love ya and God Bless you two!!!
posted August 26.
Tiffany Wray about 171 months ago.
Congrats LS. This is such an exciting time. Enjoy every moment. Many blessings and babies!!!
posted August 03.