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sheimeikaa about 176 months ago.
I am so excited for you both. Erin, you are the best and i simply adore you. You will be my prophyte for lyfe and thank you for teaching me what a good DELTA should be like. I appreciate all the love and attention you showed me, and mostly, I will miss all the steps you won't be in LA-LA land to teach me. Jemiel, I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with you at Erin's house and i am convinced that you guys are not only a supa qute couple, but that you will make a great and long lasting union. Congratulations. I wish you guys all the best, because you both deserve it. I send you nothing but blessings and more blessings. You will always be in my prayers. Be safe and have great courage, lean on the LORD, live lyfe to the fullest because you only have one, and finally, make some babies! Smooches and hugs, Love 4ever Sheimeikaa
posted August 03.
Kandace about 176 months ago.
What a beautiful website!!! Congrats to you both!! Wishing you a lifetime of bliss! Peace & Blessings...
posted August 02.
Theresa, Tyler's Mommy about 177 months ago.
Hey Erin, Just finally finished surfing the site, and it is so beautiful! The pictures on the beach are absolutely gorgeous! Today is Tyler's last session with you, I am so sad you won't be his therapist, but so happy and excited for your new life! Thanks for making such a difference in his life, and always being so encouraging and positive! You will always have a special place in our hearts! Love, Peace, and Happiness Always, to you and Jemiel. Remember to keep laughing and keep communicating. If your hubby learns to say "yes dear" with a smile on your face, it will be all good! Enjoy Life! Theresa Meneses
posted July 15.
Tasha M. Lang about 177 months ago.
Erin, I am so happy for the two of you! May your marriage be filled with God's blessings for a lifetime of joy and adventures!! :=) By the way, this is an absolutely beautiful website!
posted July 11.
Rian about 177 months ago.
Congratulations on the engagement, but more importantly, I wish you continued blessings throughout the marriage. You two are a beautiful couple and I am truly happy for you both. Love you LS!!
posted July 07.