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Kim and Lamar Fowler about 176 months ago.
Erin and Jemiel, We are so happy for you guys, you will have an awesome time! One time for rattler couples holding it down :) We know you will continue to live a fabulously Blessed live together as husband and wife!
posted September 16.
Keisha Scales about 176 months ago.
Jemiel and Erin I wish you many years of LOVE & HAPPINESS remember that in a union communication is the KEY for a Blessed marriage. I would not miss this union for anything. Jemiel you have always been my little counsin that I look at as a little brother I LOVE YOU and wish you much happiness.
posted September 15.
e about 176 months ago.
I cannot believe that the big day is almost here...I'm getting excited for you. Love you, hem...the future mrs rose. love it!!! the music on the website...excellent selections!
posted September 15.
Raven Bennett about 176 months ago.
Barnes! I am so very happy for you. You and Jemeil make a beautiful couple. May God Bless your union and your future.
posted September 14.
Emily Laguna about 176 months ago.
Erin and Jemiel -- So sorry I won't be able to make it. I really wish I could be there. Your website is beautiful--hope you post pics on here afterwards! Enjoy your big day! And remember the advice you gave me when I walked down the aisle!
posted September 09.